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Initial Consultation

Let's talk. Set up an introductory call or video chat with us using the "Request Consultation" button below, so we can best understand the scope of the work that you, your neighborhood, or your city needs. This will help us to determine a timeline and cost estimates, which we are typically able to provide within one week, and often more quickly. We can typically provide a Letter of Qualifications or Statement of Interest within 1-3 business days.

We always welcome requests for consultation, and request that prospective clients do so. We will schedule a introductory discussion as available, and may be able to help even if we are unavailable to provide consulting services.


Our consultants act with integrity and the highest ethical standards, all committing to the American Institute of Certified Planners' Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (even if not AICP certified themselves). Practically speaking, this means that we will not accept projects where our integrity could be compromised, or where a conflict (or perception of conflict) is likely. If one of our consultants is working with a municipality in an administrative role, we will not also act as an applicant's representative in the same municipality, or vice versa, in any manner that could affect the project or the client. We hope you understand and respect this approach.

All initial consultations are at no charge to you, and typically take 30 minutes to one hour.