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Information for our municipal clients and friends in government

We can help you with your municipal cannabis ordinance administration. We stay up to date on State laws and many local ordinances, and in some cases develop and/or administer those local ordinances, too. We also provide more conventional planning and zoning services.

Please know that ethics and integrity are paramount for Proxima Collective. If we are engaged in a consulting role for your municipality, we will not take on any new private clients that are specifically seeking land use approval in that community. In the case that our existing clients seek land use approval in your municipality, we will limit our role in order to avoid potential liability and ethical concerns. We hope you understand this and respect this approach.

Our Principals have previously worked, or currently consult, in government positions for more than fifteen years. We understand the challenges that come with administration of a range of ordinances, with a range of motivations and associated pressures. We also understand specialized government programs, and have developed application processes and administrative workflows for several land uses, including cannabis.

We focus our expertise (and research & analysis) within Michigan, but have worked with clients in other States as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are outside of Michigan. We like to learn.


As your consultant, we are invested in your success. Proxima stays abreast of important information about the local and statewide cannabis market and regulatory framework, so you don't have to. Here is the most up-to-date information for the data points most requested by our clients: If there are other data points you would like for us to display on this page, please let us know


This data is sourced from State of Michigan reports and is updated as soon as available. Mouse over individual graph points for more details.


There's some more data over on our Cannabis Industry Clients page, too. Please note that this page is optimized for browser use on a computer, not on a phone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The most recent cannabis excise tax disbursement (per retailer or microbusiness) to municipalities allowing these license types (3/4/2021):
Useful Links

We make every attempt to keep these links up to date and check often for broken links or changes. These largely link to State of Michigan resources, or content posted by other organizations, and are not Proxima Collective. If you would like to see a link or data point added to or tracked on this page, please let us know.

State of Michigan

State of Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (homepage)

Adult Use (MRTMA; 517-284-8599)

Medical (MMFLA; 517-284-8599) 

Social Equity (517-284-8599)

Enforcement (517-284-8599)

Inspections (517-284-8597)

Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP; 517-284-6400)



MMFLA Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (Act 281 of 2016, effective 12/20/2016, amended by 2018 PA641, eff. 3/28/2019)

MRTMA Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (Initiated Law 1 of 2018, effective 12/6/2018)

MTA Marihuana Tracking Act (Act 282 of 2016, effective 12/20/2016)

MMMA Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (Initiated Law 1 of 2008, eff. 12/4/2008, amended by 2016 PA283, eff 12/20/2016)

Administrative Rules (PDF)

Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP)

Marihuana Licenses (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Licensees (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Operations (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Sampling and Testing (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana-Infused Products and Edible Marihuana Products (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Sale of Transfer (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Employees (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Hearings (eff. 6/22/2020)

Marihuana Disciplinary Proceedings (eff. 6/22/2020)

Industrial Hemp Rules for Marihuana Businesses (eff. 6/22/2020)

New rules in process (September 2021)

Other Links

Michigan Municipal League Marijuana Resources page

Map of Licenses, State of Michigan

Map of State Social Equity Communities, State of Michigan,9306,7-386-93535_93538-500313--,00.html

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