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Proxima Collective is an urban planning and community strategy firm. Although our principals are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, we complete our work with the assistance of experts nationwide, working remotely in many cases to complete projects. This allows us to adapt to constantly changing conditions, even in times of crisis and lockdowns. We appreciate a good challenge, and  thrive when we're in flux; which is always. Our scope and team changes often (between projects). We do well under pressure, and exercise care and creativity in our approach to every problem.

Our approach to plans and services is customized for every client. What does not change is the level of care we take to truly understand the client's needs, or our approach of ensuring that the plans include implementable action steps, from the immediate to the long term. In some cases, we implement the action steps too - if not, an action plan is developed for the client to follow after the end of the project.


There are many reasons to consider hiring a consultant such as Proxima Collective. We provide expertise with land use applications, and with development of ordinances, plans and public engagement to go along with it. We bring technical expertise, new ideas, experience, objectivity, credentials, legitimacy, and current knowledge to your team. 


Landon Bartley, AICP, is Principal and CEO of Proxima. He spent fourteen years with the City of Grand Rapids, as a junior planner, downtown planner, code compliance officer, senior city planner, and finally cannabis administrator. Areas of focus included sustainability in the zoning ordinance, and research and collaboration on appropriate neighborhood engagement strategies. During his tenure with the City, Landon also owned and operated Grand Rapids Bike Rentals, presented to community small business programs and urban planning & geography classes at local universities, and served as President & Executive Director of the Grand Rapids Rowing Association. Landon was a Founding Member of the Project for Public Spaces' Placemaking Leadership Council, and Michigan Congress for New Urbanism.*


Prior to City employment, he studied urban & regional planning in graduate school, while working on a public policy fellowship in the Office of Governor Jennifer Granholm. In that role, he focused on talent attraction and retention initiatives, and economic development policy research.

If you are interested in joining Proxima Collective's network of experts, please let us knowOur primary focus area is in Michigan. 


Proxima Collective includes members of the American Planning Association, including the American Institute of Certified Planners; the West Michigan Cannabis Guild; and the Music Cities Network.

Beyond professional affiliation, it is important that our experts reflect the communities in which we work. We partner with qualified professionals of all races, ethnicities, colors, sizes, shapes, sexual orientations or identifications, levels or types of abilities, and places of origin.  If you believe there is a place for you working with Proxima Collective - either as an independent consultant in the network we continue to build, or as an employee - please let us know. We want to be connected with you.

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