Expertise matters now more than ever.

Zoning can be difficult.
It doesn't have to be.

GRAND RAPIDS OPERATORS: If you currently have or are seeking approval for a medical facility within the City of Grand Rapids and believe you may qualify as an Equity Applicant and/or Application Advancing Equity under the City's new Cannabis Social Equity Policy (PDF; Policy #900-59; adopted 7/7/2020), the City says applications for "fast track" recreational approval will begin to be accepted on July 20, 2020. Please contact us for assistance in see if your application will be eligible.


Proxima Collective is an urban planning and community strategy firm. Although our principals are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, we  complete our work with the assistance of a connected, growing network of experts, using the latest available technology to ensure client and citizen experiences of the highest quality. This allows us to adapt to constantly changing conditions, including in times of crisis and lockdowns.


"What's around us matters."

This is the core reason behind our work. Our approach is unique, extendable, and replicable. When appropriate, we form collaborative consultant teams from our network of experts. We listen to clients' needs and concerns, and those of the community. The team develops implementable, neighborhood-specific community plans and action strategies.

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